Important to Protect your I.P

Intellectual Property is Valuable
Intellectual property is often worth more to the business than its tangible assets. Because it consists of business strategies, images, ideas and concepts, intellectual property goes back a long way. Nowadays the IP can be protected and businesses need to take steps to protect and keep safe their IP from competitors and employees (who may leave and take the secrets with them).

Identify and Protect Your IP early
Every business should carefully identify and record the IP assets that their business develops. Employees, who are in paid employment, develop a lot of the IP in a business. The IP is not necessarily there at the start of the business, because the majority of IP will be part of what the business works on.

For example, if your company is developing business software and your staff is employed in the various stages of that development, even if the software is sold to generate income in its own right, there exists a right of ownership to that intellectual property. It is the company's intellectual property and it is valuable. It must be protected.