Pick your Partners carefully

Never Bring Anyone in That You Don't Trust 110%
Make sure you pick your partners or shareholders carefully before you bring them aboard.

Find out as much as you can about them, check out their track record, did they leave their last position or were they pushed, talk to people they have dealt with before, talk to companies in which they have had shares in the past, do not lightly bring them into your business until this research is complete and you are satisfied as to their suitability, reliability, loyalty and “fitability”.

" Greed will cause some people to try to take your company away from you - so be very careful about who you bring into your business..."

Make sure your fellow directors or shareholders do not get too greedy. They may bring nothing into the company themselves yet they will often work in the dark to take your business away from you if you are not watchful.

Do not bring shareholders into your business unless they come in with a substantial amount of their own cash. If they do not bring in capital they will have little “hurt money” in the company and will not have the concern or “heart” that you have.

It is amazing how those you bring into your business with no cash or investment of their own soon feel they are the ones responsible for your success.

Never give anyone a directorship unless they are 110% loyal to you (as the business owner and founder). If you do, it may be to your peril. Greed and other money issues may mean some people will work to take your company away from you if you are not careful.

It happens. Far too much unfortunately.

These people will often expect the same salaries and benefits that you get even though they had no "hard" investment in the business. And often they will be the biggest cause of internal problems wreaking havoc and division between you and your staff behind your back. They will not hesitate to speak against you when you are not around.

They will honestly believe in their heart that you cannot do without them. Get rid of these types of people ASAP before they destroy everything you and your family have built up. You know what we mean. They are there. Welcome to the real world.

Money Bring Amazing Changes to People
There is nothing that changes a person's character so much and brings out the worst in them such as - greed, dishonesty, lying, scheming, rumour-mongering, gossiping, slander and “working in the dark” against you - than money.

Cold hard cash changes people including close friends and family. Watch this.

The saying that you don't know someone until you live with them applies very much to problems you can have with partners or shareholders. This saying is ‘you don't know somebody until you become a shareholder or partner with them'.   Watch this otherwise you will rue the day that you did not take this piece of advice.