There are many things that we need to watch out for if we are to be protected. This section sets out warnings that you need to be aware of if you want to save money and heartache. They apply to your business and personal finances ...

You Must Make a Will - Now

You Must Make a Will - Now

Making a Will is one of the only ways to be certain that your lifetime’s work and assets, built up over the years, are passed on to the people you want. It provides security for your family and those you are responsible for. Most of your life would be spent building up your assets. more..

Business Warnings

There are many areas in business that you should be familiar with and should be warned about. Knowing what not to do and what to keep away from could save you many headaches and thousands of your hard earned savings. Here is a list of some things that you must take into account.

Business Survival Warnings

The majority of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. Going into business should not be taken lightly. It is not a game as you could lose all the money you have invested plus money belonging to others. Check out these warnings to ensure you have a greater chance of survival.

Investment Warnings

Everyone is interested in growing their wealth through investment. Investment is not a mystery but like everythiing else used to grow wealth there are the right and the wrong ways to go about things. Be careful when investing. Keep in with sound investments and stay away from the risky ones.

Property Warnings

Many people lose a lot of money by investing in Property. Remember, not everyone wins with Property. Sometimes it is not so much the properties themselves but the people you deal with and the dishonest means they use to “fleece” you of your hard earned funds. Also watch Real Estate Agents.

Internet Warnings

The Internet is big today and growing daily. It is a marvellous tool for business as long as everyone “plays the game”. Sadly many who use the Internet are there to steal from others. Here are some tips to help you defeat the burglars and the fraudsters. Use common sense and you will be able to win.

Security Warnings

Society today has developed into such a state that security is a necessity rather than an option. The days when you could leave your door unlocked or your keys in your car are long gone. Sadly we must all learn to trust only a few. Good security leaves you with a sense of being well protected.

Scams and Swindles

Believe it or not there are people and organisations out there whose sole purpose is to pull off scams and swindles that end up taking your money from you. Fraudsters are alive and well. Some deal in small money while others deal in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Watch all the time for scams.

Travel Warnings

If you are travelling to overseas countries there are customs and procedures that people overseas expect. Be aware of the cultural etiquette applying to each country. What you may take as a friendly gesture in one country could very well be looked as extremely impolite or demeaning in another.