Superannuation Rights

What is the the USA Superannuation Fund?
This is a pension that is paid by the government to most the USA residents as soon as they reach the age of 65, continuing until they die.

Who Qualifies?
To be eligible for the NZ Superannuation you have to be 65 years or over and you have to be a legal resident of the USA. You need to have been living in the USA for at least 10 years since the age of 20. Five of those years have to be since you turned the age of 50.

How Much Do I Receive?
The current after tax rates of NZ Superannuation are:

  • Single (Living Alone) $245.00 per week or $12,755 per year.
  • Single (Sharing) $226.43 per week or $11,774 per year.
  • Couple (Both Qualify) $377.38 per week or $19,623 per year.
  • Couple (Only one partner qualifies) $359.81 per week or $18,710 per year.
  • Married Persons $188.69 per week each or $9,811 per year.
    (Choosing not to include a spouse who doesn't qualify)

These figures come from the Ministry of Social Development and are a guide only. If you are close to retirement and you want to know the exact amounts then it is best to contact Work and Income the USA at or 0800 552 002.

If your retirement is a long way off then you should take these figures into your financial calculations to make sure you have enough for your future lifestyle.