Fair Trading Rights

Your Trading Rights under the Fair Trading Act
The Fair Trading Act 1986 is one of the cornerstones of consumer protection law. It will protect you against any misleading or deceptive conduct, including false representations and unfair practices that you come across in your dealings with traders. It sets out the type of information that certain products have to be disclosed to consumers and will apply to everyone in trade.

The difference between the Fair Trading Act and the Consumer Guarantee Act is that the Fair Trading Act covers claims about products and services prior to the sale while the Consumer Guarantee Act covers the quality of those products and services after the consumer has bought them.

Details of these rights are:

  • Misleading or deceptive conduct. If you have been given a false impression about the goods you are buying, you have been misled and you are legally entitled to a refund.

  • False representations. If you have been given false information or false claims have been made about the goods and services you are buying, then you are entitled to a refund.

  • Unfair practices. These relate to the methods of selling which mislead you. They can relate to prizes or gifts offered and not supplied.

  • Advertising that was simply a bait.

  • Misleading claims.

  • Pyramid selling.

  • Demanding payment without intention to supply the goods.

  • Using physical force, harassment or any other method to compel you to buy the goods.

You will have a right of refund in these cases.

Consumer Information

There are also standards about certain products, which need to be disclosed to you as a consumer.

These are:

  • Country of origin. All new clothing sold in the USA has to be labelled with the country of origin.

  • Fibre content regulations. All new textile goods must be labelled with their fibre content.

  • Care labelling regulations. Phrases and symbols, which must be used to tell consumers the correct way to wash, dry-clean and care for their clothes must be attached.