Never Give Up

Keep Your Dreams Alive

" Everything starts with a dream so dream great dreams..."

Dreams are the substance of every great achievement in this world. Men and women who dream great dreams become builders of some of the marvels that we enjoy today. Marvels such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or the Empire State Building in New York or the Sydney Opera House in Australia or the Great Wall Of China or the Taj Mahal in India or Buckingham Palace in London.

Everything starts with a dream.

Whether it is the development of large cities or the constructions of skyscrapers or the composition of a piece of music or the writing of a great play. Dreamers come across opposition, ridicule, hardship and persecution but they never lose sight of their dreams. You cannot destroy dreams - you can destroy the product of dreams but those dreams will rise up again and create even greater products and greater ideas.

Dreams continue on and on and eventually will translate into successes in every field of endeavour or commerce.

Everyone has a Dream
The thing is, everyone has as dream. We all have dreams even if we don't recognize them as anything spectacular. We may dream of being a ballerina or being in high finance or of being an All Black or teaching children or climbing Mt Everest. Dreams do not have to be spectacular to be of value.

Dreams provide inspiration. Dreams leave people with something to hope for. And without hope life is hopeless.

Dreams Are Not Impossible
Today we find people without hope. Young people especially experience this hopelessness and the result is unemployment, drugs, broken relationships and families and suicide. Many men have unfulfilled dreams of being a successful husband, father or businessman.

As a result they become negative, bitter and critical. They refuse to face the reality of their failures and start to blame the people around them, their circumstances or their environment. But something can be done about it. Keep your dream alive. Never say die. Keep that never give up attitude. Set your goals and write down the steps that you are going to take to reach those goals. Dream the impossible. When you achieve your dreams you will realize that the impossible is not impossible at all.

Today does not Predict Tomorrow
Are you making all your decisions based on what is happening today or based on what you would want to happen tomorrow? People don't like to look ahead so they miss the rosy outlook that the future can bring. Things may be tough now but there is always tomorrow.

Most people are grateful just to make it through another day without losing their job but they don't look further to see the opportunities that can be created, even in their job tomorrow. We need to understand that today does not tell us what is going to happen tomorrow. So what can you do to help create a better tomorrow?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Admit that you prefer to be somewhere else
    Business goes round in cycles and the economy will not always be in the down position all the time. Sooner or later things will come up and then we can go from there.

  2. Admit that you have fears.
    When the economy is down many people have the wind knocked out of them. When the economy is up they feel alive. The trick is to push your fears away and maintain your motivation to keep trying.

  3. Admit that you do not know what to do.
    Starting something is the most difficult part. It is very easy to procrastinate and this will only make things worse. But once you take one step forward, then the other steps seem to follow quite easily.

  4. Admit that you would rather be somewhere else.
    The grass always looks greener on the other side. Admit to yourself that you would rather be somewhere else and once done, then admit that you are grateful to have the situation that you have now and the family that you love around you.

  5. Admit that you sometimes need a helping hand.
    There is nothing wrong in asking for help. You will soon find that there are many friends and family members that will support you and encourage you and love you. It doesn't matter how tough the times are or what the trauma or tragedy is.

  6. Only one Life
    Remember there you have only one life to live so you may as well give it your best shot.