Financial Success

The 6 Principles of Financial Success
Here are the six principles that will help entrepreneurs plan for the future:
" One of the basic things you must learn is to put aside funds for a rainy day ..."
  1. Look after your personal liquidity: Make sure you have sufficient personal working capital outside the business in case the economy turns bad.

  2. Manage your information: Make sure you have all the information available about your business financial situation at your fingertips, so you can delegate or set different levels of authority, as needed.

  3. Look after your staff: Always plan for your employees' future needs.

  4. Create a reserve in your business: When times are good don't spend the excess cash, put it into reserve so there will be funds for a 'rainy day'.

  5. Plan for unexpected events: To ensure the survival of your business you need to always have a plan for dealing with disruption or disasters.

  6. Know when you need advice: No one is an expert on everything to do with business. Make sure you obtain the best advice on any area of your business, even if there is cost involved.

Money - the Root of all Evil
According to Bible scholars, it's the lust of money rather than having it that is the 'root of all evil'. Love desires to give, but lust desires to get.

People every week are giving their talent, time and knowledge in their work. In exchange, they expect a reward of money. We have often heard people say that money isn't everything. This is partly true, but to others it helps to have money in many situations.

It's keeping the balance between money and life that is important. Many people have said, when they lost a loved one, they would give everything they had to have that person back.

Money has the most influence on our lives. It is a tool that can be wielded in the right way if the owner of the money so desires. The fact is, in our society and in every other society around the world, people see money as the one key thing to have in life.

Children often don't understand this, because as one child once asked, 'If money can't buy happiness, why is everyone trying to get it?'

What are Real Riches?
"Had I but plenty of money, money enough to spare," wrote Robert Browning.

And money is the greatest attribute of riches. A universal desire, money is the materialization of riches, the stuff that makes the rest possible. Are you looking for financial security? For retirement, for education or leisure? Riches are the overflowing abundance of material possessions - houses, cars, boats, and furnishings - everything you ever wanted. Centuries ago, Horace wrote, "By right means, if you can, but by any means, make money."

For many Money is a path towards happiness, a cure-all for worry and peace of mind. For others, riches come in the form of satisfaction from accomplishment in employment or attaining goals. It is that feeling of contentment and confidence from a good task well done. Riches are closely linked with success. And with that comes fame and acknowledgment of position. Success might be the feeling of well-being from the rewards of good effort. Or the enthusiasm and vitality triggered by recognition.

" Success is how well I enjoy the minutes," said producer Norman Lear. Think about what you most desire. It may not be hard cash, but what it can buy. Or it may be those feelings of inner satisfaction, from creating something beautiful or strong. Whatever your goals, and however difficult they seem to be to accomplish, you have the ability to become who you want.

Take a look - can you see yourself surrounded by riches? Picture the world open and in front of you, ready to become the form of your dreams, ready to stage your desires. "Why then, the world's mine oyster," wrote Shakespeare, "which I with sword will open."