Tips for Winning

Are You a Winner or a Loser?
How often have we heard the statement, 'He is a real loser.' For some reason everyone seems to know what the label should be. Other people are either winners or losers.

Here are a few comments that are food for thought.

  • Winners work their way through problems. Losers try and evade problems.
    If you come across a problem, don't ignore it and certainly, don't try and go around it. Problems do not go away. Problems only disappear when you work through them and conquer them. Solve the problem and then keep moving on. If you try and go around it you will never get past it. Problems are only temporary hold-ups that we can find a solution to and then eventually fix it for good.

  • Winners are committed. Losers make empty promises.
    Too many people make promises they have no intention of keeping. Too many people give their word when they know that they will end up breaking it. A winner keeps his/her word. They commit themselves to what they have said or promised. If you are to be a winner and therefore successful, make a commitment and see it through until it is finished. Winners always come through, whereas losers fall along the way.

    " Problems only disappear when you work through them and conquer them ..."
  • Winners set out plans. Losers have a lot of excuses.
    Successful people always know where they are going. This is because they worked out a plan that enabled them to achieve their goals. It has often been said that if you don't have a plan, how are you going to know when you have achieved what you want to achieve. Losers always have a reason why they haven't completed anything. Think through what you need to do then set out a map or plan to do it. Losers are always talking about doing it. Winners however, as the Nike ad says, 'Just do it.'

  • Winners say, 'We can do this better.' Losers say, 'This is how its always been done.'
    A winner is never satisfied if that old way can be improved. Winners have vision while losers are satisfied with the mediocre, and keeping the status quo. Winners can't help but look for excellence, whereas losers are easily satisfied. They find no reason to extend themselves. Winners are interested in making sure that things are done well. Remember the motto - If its worth doing, then it is worth doing well.

  • Winners are teachable they listen to advice. Losers think they know it all.
    A loser generally won't to listen to advice. They think they are experts and that no one can tell them anything to will improve the situation. Winners realise the value of consulting with others, especially they are a specialists in their field. Winners understand that knowledge has a short shelf life and that they must constantly update their knowledge and never stop learning. No one knows everything about everything. We all need one another and the winners will be prepared to listen to outside suggestions and advice, before making decisions.

  • Winners always learn from their mistakes. Losers never think they make mistakes.
    Winners learn to benefit from the mistakes made in the past, as well as from the experiences of other people in their profession or trade. Winners acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them, so they won't' make the same errors the second time around. Losers ignore their mistakes and never seem to get the benefit of learning from them. Successful people actively seek new ideas and innovations that will contribute to their growth.

These are some of the qualities that winners and losers have.