About Selling Your Home

It Can Take a Lot of Work
Selling your home can be exciting, but it also takes a lot of work. You need to fix all those little things you have wanted to fix for many years, but have never been pushed to do. You need to decide whether you will sell the home yourself or whether you will work with real estate agents.

You also need to be patient because selling a home can take months and even years sometimes, depending on the real estate market.

Select a Lawyer

" Check with a lawyer before you sign anything ..."

You will need a lawyer to check the agreements for your sale. Before you sign an agreement of sale you need to get your lawyer to check over everything, to protect your interests. If you have already signed an agreement of sale - quickly get your lawyer to review it.

When choosing a lawyer, shop around and ask for a recommendation from others who have had this type of work successfully done for them. Make sure the lawyer is experienced in representing homebuyers and make sure you know the fees that will be charged for his/her services.

Choose a Real Estate Agent
There is a common saying in the real estate industry regarding the vast number of agents in business:

'If you don't have any friends who are agents, you probably don't have any friends at all.'

There are many agents out there, but you have to decide which one will represent your interests. The real estate profession is plagued by a high turnover of personnel. This creates a workforce that is made up of a lot of newcomers, without experience. These brand new agents are very enthusiastic and certainly have good intentions, but you can't trust them to sell a place for you if they haven't had experience for that type of property.

For example, you may have a million dollar home and it may be unwise to work with a brand new agent with no track record of selling other one million dollar homes.

Always look for commitment, as well as experience, because an agent that's not working thirty to thirty-five hours a week for you is not doing the job properly.

Before engaging an agent to sell your home, interview at least three in person. Get recommendations from friends, family or neighbours, or look on the web. Make a brief, fact-finding call to determine which agent interests you and which ones are working full-time in the industry.

Set up interviews. These need not be formal, but they should be extensive enough to give you information to help you make a decision. Your final decision has to be made on the competency of the individual agent because you will be working with them on a day-to-day basis until the property is sold.