Your Goals and Dreams

Steps for Positive Goal Setting
Most people have dreams and goals about their future that have not been realised. Unfortunately many come to the end of their lives with those goals still unrealised. They know what they would have done, if only they had their time again.

The following are some important tips that could increase the possibility of achieving your dreams and getting more from life. These are:

  • Clearly specify your goals: People don’t know what they want from their lives because they are too vague about it. It is not enough to say “I want to be a millionaire” or “I want a new car” or “I want to buy an investment property”. You have to write it down and be clear about the target you are shooting at.

  • Make sure your goals are in writing: There is something about writing it down on paper and transferring your dreams into black and white. Get a folder and fill it with paper, then get a picture of each of your goals and paste them into your new folder. Each night review your goals and see the picture of what you are planning.

  • Set yourself deadlines: If you don’t set deadlines for your goals, then “any time will do” for achieving them. This means there is no urgency about completing the tasks that will lead to your goals. It is not good enough to say “as soon as possible” because everyone has so much to do and there is not enough time to get it all done.

Once you have a folder, with your goals written down, set a deadline. This gives you a target and a time line to work by. Until you write down your goals, quantify them and set a deadline that must not be broken, nothing will happen. Having a deadline enables you to put your task into small steps, so they appear more attainable. Every time you complete a step, tell yourself you are moving on to the next step, which will eventually lead you to the end. Once you begin - you are on your way to completion.

Convert your Dreams into Reality
You may have come to the conclusion that there is more to life than work, careers and commuting, etc. However, the prospect of making the necessary changes that will enable you to turn your dreams into reality may feel overwhelming.

Here are some steps that even the busiest person can take to begin the process of making dreams real:

  1. Keep your goals before you: Once you have set your goals and finalised your targets, keep your goals always before you. It is your map and reminder.

  2. After you plan - start: Too many people sit around complaining about how difficult it will be. Instead of dwelling on what is wrong with the situation, use the limited time you have to map out how to get to the end of the road. Devote a few minutes a day to imagining how you will achieve your plan and then move ahead with action, rather than sitting around moaning and groaning.

  3. Avoid negative people: You will always find people who are negative or sceptical about you achieving your goals. Build up an immune system and get closer to people who are positive, because they are also achievers. Don’t let the “dream killers” knock you for a loop.

  4. Do whatever you can - but do it: If you don’t start now, nothing will happen. There is an old Chinese proverb that reminds us about moving a mountain. It says, “Moving a mountain begins by lifting one stone.” It is possible that you cannot do a lot overnight, but you can do one thing at a time and slowly it will build up to achieving greater and greater things.

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Break your large goals into more manageable steps and then no matter how busy you are, pledge to take action to complete one step at least for that day. You will be making progress. You will also be generating enthusiasm and excitement within because you are achieving another step towards finalising your dreams. Believe it or not, if you achieve one step at a time, what was once a dream to you will become a reality.