Being happy involves all 3 areas - the physical, mental and spiritual. Happiness is more than making a lot of money or building a great business. It involves many areas both business and non-business. Here are a few strategies and tips ...

Avoiding Stress Overload

Avoiding Stress Overload

If you experience an overload of stress in the workplace you could be heading towards burnout which can be a dangerous stage to reach. Lots of people suffer from stress due to the endless pressure that we put on ourselves and eventually high levels of stress will damage both our health and wellbeing. more..

About You

Many people give the goal of achieving security as the reason for starting up in business. Women running businesses, have goals of running an operation where they can be close to their children. Independence and the desire to be close to family are powerful dreams.

You & Business

Business is a lot more than just managing finances and completing deals. There are many human issues involved that can make the difference between success and failure. Problems at home can take a person’s focus off what is required in the business.


If your relationship is in trouble get help from a counsellor. Counselling lets you explore alternatives, reach decisions and deal with emotions. Consider whether getting back together is possible. If not, work on reaching agreement about the issues involved in separation.

Your Future

Always make sure that your future wishes are properly documented because the court will look at your will as the final proof of your wishes regarding your assets on your death. If you don’t have a written will the courts will assess what is to happen to your assets.