Free at Last

What it means to be “Financially Free”
Living financially free in this beautiful country of USA starts with one very important ingredient: your attitude.

Living financially free is being debt free and prosperous. It is a wonderful idea for most of us but it is only a concept unless something is done about it. It involves looking at different areas and making changes, resulting in financial freedom.

They say that the beginning of real living is being free. It certainly feels much better being debt free and financially free, than being in debt and be in financial bondage.

Working to Live Free
Debt hinders your ability to live freely. It can affect everything from your work life, to your personal relationships and cause stress to your physical, spiritual and emotional health. Once you have broken out of the debt mould and become free, make sure you live free.

Everyone can become debt free by following the simple principles of getting out of debt

Financial Freedom Means
Financial freedom means:

  • Financial independence.
  • Being free from continuous money worries.
  • Your income is greater than your expenses
  • No debt, no credit card bills, no car payments, no mortgage.
  • Being able to build a nest egg reserve for emergencies.
  • Investing in good investments with income and capital growth.
  • Being tough on finances when necessary for that special buy
  • Not having to continually work to pay your bills.
  • Sitting together for the family meal
  • Having time to attend your child’s school play
  • Getting to the footie with “the wife” on Saturday
  • Going to Church as a family again
  • Catching up on old mates
  • Taking time to shop together with your wife – and loving it
  • Never arriving home again when the kids have gone to bed
  • Helping with the dishes
  • Keeping your promises to the kids
  • Being a family
  • Looking towards the future

    …and - Having a great night’s sleep.