Debt Traps

Who Can Access Your File?
The details in your file are not available to everyone who requests it. Only companies that have had your permission will be given access. This permission is usually given at the time you sign up for a loan or for hire purchase, or some other financing. Certain government agencies have the legal right to look at your file without your permission, but these are under circumstances allowed under the Privacy Laws.

Your file will also show the list of credit enquiries made by other companies. This can weigh against you because the number of enquiries shows that it has not been easy for you to get credit. Unfortunately, details on your file contain only negative information about you.

If you have been a good payer and have kept your finances in good order, this information is not available on your file.

How to View and Make Changes to your File
Under the Privacy Laws you are entitled to find out about information the credit agencies hold on you. If the information is incorrect you are entitled to have it corrected. The credit companies may charge, so be aware of this.

You will have to complete an application form, which may require proof of identity before the information is supplied to you.