Making Money

The Love of Money
Everyone is interested in making money. Most, however, do not understand what is involved and they have little training or experience in what is necessary to achieve the goal of making money. Every publication seeking to spell out the secret to financial success emphasises that for one to succeed in making money, one must have control of that money, and not the other way around.

We know that the Bible has a good quote: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

This seems to suggest that the term “love” means that money is controlling the situation and this is the evil, not the money itself.

People have many reasons for wanting to make money. It may be to buy a new home, purchase a new car, put a child through private education or simply build up sufficient funds for retirement. Other want money because of prestige and adoration it brings. Others want money to be comfortable and able to buy what they want, when they want, without any stress or arguments brought about by the lack of money.

Financial Freedom being Sought
The desire to make money and to be free of any financial problems or worries can best be summed up by the term “financial freedom”. Money affects everything we do in our life, including our relationships and dealing with associates, family and friends. Problems with money can cause enormous stress and can mean opportunities are lost and keep us away from participating in areas that would be good for our growth and well being.

It’s important to have a goal of being financially independent, because financial freedom allows you to take charge and not be beholden to any other parties, such as a bank or lending institution.

If you are looking for financial freedom, then take a quick assessment of your life and look at what you want to achieve. Some questions you need to ask are:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where have you come from?
  • What are your current goals?
  • What are your strategies for achieving those goals? (By goals we mean financial goals.)

Write up and finalise a financial plan. Move ahead and focus on achieving your goals through that plan.

Growing Money means Taking Action
We’ve all heard the saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees”. Most young people have had their parents drill that into them for many years, and yet the phrase doesn’t come alive until later in life when we find ourselves having to deal with money or the lack of it.

Growing money and saving money are two different things. Growing money refers to a system or method by which the money supply you have is multiplied. Saving money also has the same effect (multiplication of money owned), but it has a slower growing process than the growing money method.

Saving money always refers to having to make do or be deprived of things and benefits that you would normally spend your money on. Saving money suggest you have to go without and that you need to understand that to save means to give up something in another area.

It is not an option that many people enjoy, because no one wants to be prevented from buying what they want, when they want, or spending their money as they feel without having to account to anyone else. Growing money, however, focuses on taking action, which enables the money you do have to multiply while allowing you to have a normal, enjoyable life of spending within certain limits.

The actions involving growing money are far more positive than those in saving money, which suggest growing money is using the money you have to earn more money while at the same time ensuring that the money supply you to have is not depreciated or lost.