Creating Wealth

Choose to Be Wealthy
They say that the future belongs to people who believe in the power of their dreams. If your thoughts are just to ensure that you have sufficient for your needs and enough to provide for your family, as well as your impending retirement, you may have to start thinking "wealthy".

While simply thinking about being wealthy will not make you wealthy, it is a good start in creating the vision you need to motivate you. You may visualise a holiday in Europe or purchasing a Jaguar car, or taking a cruise in the Mediterranean, or buying a holiday bach on the beach, or having a business you can run from home.

If you sit down and make out a list of all the dreams you want to fulfil, it could surprise you how limitless they are. Lets face it, you can choose to be poor or you can choose to be wealthy.

Someone once wrote, “I have been poor and I have also been wealthy. Wealthy is better.”

8 Keys to Creating Wealth
The simple formula for creating wealth is:

  1. Have a goal to become financially independent.

  2. Set up a financial, plan with strategies to help achieve your goals.

  3. Spend less than you earn.

  4. Work hard to earn more.

  5. Get debt free as quickly as possible.

  6. Invest wisely to grow wealth and ensure your money is working for you .

  7. Make sure you deduct the savings portion from
    income first.

  8. Protect your wealth.