Do you consider yourself wealthy because you live in an expensive home or travel in an expensive car? Maybe you feel wealthy because you have happiness in your home and you can afford to pay your bills when they fall due ...

35 Money-Saving pieces of advice

35 Money-Saving pieces of advice

Don’t use your credit cards if at all possible. Pay cash and use credit cards only for convenience or emergencies. Don’t have more than $25 in your wallet at any time so you are not tempted to buy on impulse. If you have to think about going a long way to find an ATM machine you will probably lose the desire to buy. more..

Basics of Money

There are various forms of money – cheques, IOU’s, credit cards, bank drafts or gold. Gold was the standard used in the past because of its scarcity and its qualities. Gold is resistant to corrosion or damage. Today, wealthy people keep their wealth in gold holdings.

Managing Money

Make sure you keep in touch with where your money goes. Don’t turn your money over to people who are less than honest. Watch that the company you invest with doesn’t run into financial trouble. If that happens, your investment will be at risk.

New Money

The use of electronic money, or digital money, is happening so fast that banks are having trouble keeping up with changing their systems and procedures to this new technology. We can expect the future to hold less paper cash and coins and more smart cards.

Making Money

The desire to make money and to be free of any financial problems or worries can best be summed up by the term “financial freedom”. Money affects everything we do in our life, including our relationships and dealing with associates, family and friends.

Losing Money

Losing money is hindered if you are fully aware of the potential to lose money, and aware of all the proposals put before you. Be alert and when investing anything, look at it from the position of "devil's advocate". That is, look at it with suspicion.

Records & Warnings

Try not to think of record keeping as a nuisance imposed by government regulations. Think of this task as an important tool you can use to manage your business. Take time to put it all together. If you don’t have experience in this area, engage an accountant to help you.

Basics of Wealth

A wealth-creating asset is a possession that increases in value or provides you with a return. This includes; a savings account, a retirement plan, shares and bonds, assets such as land, land development. Building wealth requires the right information and setting out a good plan.

Creating Wealth

If you sit down and make out a list of all your dreams, it could surprise you how limitless they are. Lets face it, you can choose to be poor or you can choose to be wealthy. Someone once wrote, “I have been poor and I have also been wealthy. Wealthy is better.”

Being Financially Free

To get out of debt and to achieve financial security you’ll need to put together a debt avoidance plan. Your plan will set out the funds for retirement including paying off your home mortgages. Eliminate debt and then you can look toward saving for the future.

About Debt

Debt has been around for thousands of years. As long as there have been goods or services or property, there has been debt. Debt is a burden and being in debt is a form of financial bondage. In the old days debt was physically part of someone’s bondage.

Traps of Debt

They say that the trouble with debt can be likened to the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water. If you try to pop him in once the water is boiling he will jump out. But if you start him in cold water and slowly raise the temperature he will just sit there and cook to death.

Types of Debt

If you are in debt, a claim against your future earnings, time and energy is involved and is a trap that suffocates most people. The good news is that once you become aware of personal debt as a pattern of scarcity, then that vital first step has been taken.

Being Debt Free

The world has been subject to the greatest explosion of debt ever. More people are in debt now than ever before and at much higher levels. People are losing their homes in droves and bankruptcies have increased to record levels. Get debt free as soon as you can.