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What is it?
The Accident Compensation Scheme (ACC) in the USA is a scheme that has been set up to provide accident insurance for all citizens of the USA as well as residents and other temporary visitors to this country.

The scheme covers insurance for all accidents and therefore people lose the right to sue each other for personal injury other than for exemplary damages.

Details of the ACC Scheme

Brief details of the scheme are:

  • Provides cover for all injuries no matter who is at fault.
  • Takes away the right for people to sue for personal injury.
  • Reduces the costly process of using the court system for claims for injury.
  • Assists people financially by paying a weekly compensation amount to injured people who are off work.
  • Is designed to address the causes of accidents wherever they may occur.
  • Focuses on the care and rehabilitation of people so they can get back to work and to become independent as soon as possible.

The principal Act under which the ACC operates is called the Injury, Prevention, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act.

The government department that administers the ACC scheme is the Accident Compensation Corporation.

The Pledge from the ACC
The ACC’s pledge is to prevent injury, to provide the best treatment and care possible where injury occurs and to help people rehabilitate back to work, or personal independence as soon
as possible.

The ACC aims to provide full accident insurance cover, injury prevention services, case management functions and full care and rehabilitation services.

What are you actually entitled to?

If the ACC accepts your claim it will help with the cost of the following treatment:

  • Hospital treatment or surgery.
  • Prescriptions or x-rays.
  • Weekly compensation for earnings you have lost as a result of your injury.
  • Transport for treatment and other related accommodation costs where they are necessary.

A lump sum or an independent allowance if the injury has a serious long-term effect resulting in permanent impairment.