What Lawyers Do


A Will is one of the most important documents you can make. It can have a wide ranging impact on a family.

Having an appropriate Will means that assets can be transferred smoothly in the event of your death, in the way you anticipated. Planning for your estate to be transferred on your death should also include asset planning and financial planning earlier in life, to ensure you meet specific goals and make appropriate provision for family members.

Law Awareness Programme
Many Law Societies publishes pamphlets as part of its Programme to inform you of your legal rights, the law and how lawyers can help you. 

Some titles include:

  1. How your lawyer can help you
  2. Seeing a lawyer - fees, charges and value
  3. Your lawyer and confidentiality
  4. Buying or selling a property
  5. Over the fence ... are your neighbours
  6. Domestic violence
  7. What happens to your children when you part?
  8. Dividing up relationship property
  9. What happens when your relationship breaks up?
  10. Living together
  11. The family trust
  12. Making a will and estate administration
  13. Powers of attorney
  14. Motor vehicles, accidents and alcohol
  15. You and the police
  16. Giving evidence
  17. Going into business