What Lawyers Do


  • Contract issues relating to the development and maintenance of web sites and back end systems
  • Contract issues relating to web site hosting
  • Ownership of domain names
  • Ownership of web site content
  • Contract issues relating to E-Commerce transactions
  • Compliance with consumer protection codes
  • What country’s laws apply to E-Commerce transactions
  • Privacy law
  • Product liability
  • Copyright, trade mark, and patent law


Employment Agreements etc - To get the most from employment agreements, they need to be carefully drafted for each specific job.


In a Trust there are certain ongoing administrative functions that the Trustees must ensure are carried out.

These functions may include the preparation and filing of annual tax returns, the completion of a set of Financial Statements and the preparation of Trustee minutes as required to record the decisions of the Trustees and the allocation of income on an annual basis.

Assets may need managing, investments monitoring and often there are regular accounts for payment or distributions of income to be made.


All aspects of insolvency, including company liquidations, receiverships and personal bankruptcies.

Advising liquidators and receivers who are administering insolvent or defaulting companies, including recovery of corporate property and recovery of voidable transactions or securities.

Available to creditors who may be looking to recover from an insolvent company, trade with an insolvent company or with one in receivership, or as a creditor are trying to protect the transaction or security under attack by a liquidator.