Cash Investments

Cash Investments are Low Risk
Cash investments are low risk and are lower interest rate investments. They are on call and therefore can be withdrawn almost immediately on request.

They can be made up of:

  • On call bank accounts.
  • Finance company on call deposits.
  • Cash management funds.
  • Unit trusts.
  • Deposit funds.

A cash investment is money invested in term deposit and bank bills for a short period of time. The interest they pay, plus the initial invested amount provides the return on the investment. They typically earn low interest returns over the longer term and experience lower risk with little volatility.

This type of investment is best for investment security. Investing in cash and cash investments is most useful for producing a regular income and protecting your capital base. You should invest in this type of investment if you have to call on your money in the near future for any of your needs.

They are also best suited for the funds needed immediately for your 'rainy day' or for any emergency. They offer easier access to your funds, but at a lower rate of return.

The characteristics of cash investments are:

  • Your money will be on call, even though it does not necessarily have to be called an on call account.
  • There should not be any entry or exit fees.
  • You should be able to compound your interest.
  • You should not be penalised for making a withdrawal.

The main features therefore are:

  • No cost.
  • On call.
  • More secure.
  • Low return.