Health & Safety

The Workplace Health and Safety Laws, and You
The Health and Safety and Employment Act 1992 requires you (as an employer) to identify and manage any risks within your workplace.

The Act requires you to:

  • Provide a safe workplace for your employees.
  • Identify and control any hazards.
  • Train and supervise your staff.
  • Keep your staff informed and involve them in the Health and Safety issues.
  • Record any accidents and report any injuries to OSH (Occupational Health and Safety Services).

Steps to take for Health and Safety
There are a number of practical steps you can take to comply with this Act.

These will include the following:

  • Review all your existing health and safety procedures.
  • Check on all your equipment.
  • Put in place staff training in this area.
  • Set up and keep before all employees a Health and Safety policy.
  • Appoint a health and safety officer.
  • Maintain a full accident register.
  • Set up a health and safety committee or representative if necessary.
  • Be well aware of the Code of Practice and guidelines set down by OSH.

Offences and Penalties under the Health and Safety Laws
It is an offence for any employer to fail to do anything they are required to do under the Act, or to do something they are not allowed to do under the Act - if they know that it is reasonably likely to cause harm to the employees. As an employer, you can be imprisoned for up to two years or fined up to $500,000, or both. If you fail to comply with Health and Safety law, or regulations, there is a fine of up to $250,000. It is illegal to take out an insurance policy against any fines or fees imposed under the law.

How to Conduct a Successful Interview

  1. Prepare for the interview in advance.
  2. Collect pertinent information during the interview.
  3. Look and act professionally during the interview.
  4. Treat all your candidates fairly.
  5. Be courteous and respectful.
  6. Try and facilitate full communication and discussion.