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What stats say

According to the July 2006 NetRatings released by Nielsen, Google currently handles 49% of all search engine activity conducted by internet users,. Following behind is Yahoo with 23.8% of all searches made and MSN with 9.6%. With there being over 2 billion websites in cyberspace how can you market your site so that it is not only found, but found by your potential customers?

Having a site is not enough

As a business with a website, you know that just having a website is not enough to get people visiting – you have to appear high up in the search engine rankings when your potential customers are searching on particular key words via these engines. If your website appears in the first few pages of the search results – called natural rankings - you will receive more web traffic than a website that is ranked thirty odd pages down.

Get Optimised

Search engine optimisation covers a number of techniques which aim to optimize your sites performance and help you gain greater exposure by increasing your rankings with search engines.
Techniques include having your website optimized – both design and content wise - and also having other more highly ranked, business relevant sites linking to yours. If a website that ranks higher than you (in a related field) links to your site, this will improve your site rankings.

Pay by click Adwords

However if you have a new (optimized) website,
it can take a few months for you to achieve significantly high enough rankings so to help drive more people to your website you can utilise pay-per-click advertising for a relatively small price.
Even if your site has been online a while and already achieves high rankings, pay-per-click can be integrated into your online marketing strategy to maximize results and reach a greater number of prospects. Each of the search engines mentioned have their own type of pay-per-click, with Google it is Adwords, MSN uses Adcenter and Yahoo has Yahoo Search Marketing.

So how does it work?

Google Adwords allows you to create your own advertisements, which are matched with keywords.
These ads will appear on the right hand side of the Google search page, alongside the regular results that Google will show from the natural rankings.
So, if you have an ad attached to the keywords “silver box”,
then when a Google user searches for “silver box” your ad will appear on the right hand side of the search results as a sponsored link.

The beauty of Adwords is that you know that if your ad appears,
it’s because the Google user is looking specifically for what you offer – i.e. based on your keywords and ads – a form of direct marketing to the relevant consumer.
The other attraction of Adwords is that you only pay for the ad if a user clicks on your ad – great if you have a limited budget for online advertising as there is a minimum spend per month of only USD1.50.
There is a catch though – Google does not charge you for the ads but you will have to bid for your keywords that will be attached to your ad.

If you have the highest bid for a keyword then you will be one of the top advertisers shown, with each lesser bid of value being displayed with less frequency.
E.g. if you bid 25 cents on “blue socks” and no one has bid higher than you, then you will be the ad displayed the most and appear near the top of the sponsored links.
The advertiser who came in second to you with 22 cents will be displayed a wee bit less and so on.
So, Adwords are a good way to directly target your potential customers by using keywords that directly relate to your products or your website.

And you only pay if they click! Used in conjunction with search engine optimization,
pay-per-click will help you maximize the amount of potential clients online for very little cost.


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