Can Your Business Afford To Not Be Online?

According to the latest Internet usage statistics over 76% of kiwis are regular users of the internet with over 60% of users visiting the web daily.
If you do not have a website that is potentially a large customer base that you are missing out on.
More and more kiwi consumers are turning to online searching first for information on products and services to conduct price comparisons or see what different options are available. It certainly beats driving round numerous shopping centres looking for a car space.
Having a website gives you the opportunity to reach these online customers – not only in your neighbourhood but nationally and internationally – and further promote your business products or services which would lead to increased profits.
Other ways having a website will help make your business run efficiently and at a lower cost include:

Advertising and Marketing

Having a website does not replace your existing advertising and marketing campaigns but it will certainly enhance the results.
The internet is an additional communication medium that you can use to comprehensively inform customers about your business - all in real time.
Updating brochures and other print media is a costly process but website content can be updated anytime at very little cost.
An email newsletter is another cost efficient way to notify your customers and potential customers about your latest business news, updates, specials or promotions with links that flow back to your website. This is much cheaper than sending a newsletter by snail mail.

Special Promotions

Having a website is a quick, cheap and easy way to advertise any specials or promotions you have running at any one time.
You could have a print down voucher that your customers print and bring into the shop to claim a discount
or have an opt-in email service in which customers who want to receive an email about your promotions are automatically sent one to notify them when your promotions begins.

Job Recruitment

Having a careers section on your website which advertises current vacancies and has information about your business can reduce your recruitment costs.
Information about positions available and the qualifications necessary reduces time spent by staff fielding enquiries from job seekers.
Candidates can send in applications electronically and be replied to electronically reducing postage costs.

Overall, having a website not only exposes your business to a greater pool of potential customers
but can be integrated into current business practises to reduce costs.
As more people head online to conduct price comparisons, seek information, apply for jobs and spend money not having an online presence could end up being a costly exercise for a business owner.


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