Good On Ya Granny

There was a bit in the letters to a women’s magazine the other day that made us in the office all smile inside. Gave everyone a lift on that dreary Monday morning…

Apparently, some young Mum was having trouble with her little baby smearing the walls next to her cot with “things”.

What to do?

Can anyone come up with a solution please?

One bright Mum suggested to the lovely young thing that she turn the nappy around so that the fasteners were at the back and away from busy little hands.

Great suggestion!

And there were many other tips and bits of advice from smart Mums everywhere.

But it was Granny with her quiet words of wisdom that took the prize away and showed that you still can’t put old heads on young shoulders.

Granny simply said – “Move the cot away from the wall”

Good on ya Granny…

Big problems usually have a simple solution and in business we often can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • Too many business owners focus on the getting the big sale and forget about providing good service

  • Too many business owners drive hard to secure more profit for themselves and forget about looking after their staff

  • Too many business owners run their businesses on the strength of binding legal agreements instead of simply keeping their word

  • Too many business owners want to make the big “bucks” but get in late and leave for home early

  • Too many business owners are always looking for the big deal instead of doing the little deals well first

We need to go back to basics now and then. Don’t make things so complicated.

Big problems usually have a simple solution

 W.Williams, Director, SRG Group

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