Passion - Get Yours back

Passion is everything when it comes to business success. 
PASSION – You lost it, right? … get it back.

Webster’s dictionary defines Passion as – “A strong, enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance”.

Being passionate means having the vision and desire to achieve your goal. 

Passion brings a sense of power.  It is an essential ingredient that fuels and energises the entrepreneur.  It pushes the entrepreneur onward and upward, even while facing horrendous challenges and insurmountable problems. 

Passion is everything when it comes to business success. 

So what exactly is Passion?
Passion is a dynamic force that's sometimes difficult to control.  It infuses a person’s life with meaning, joy and even outrage.  Passion births commitment and determination. It is the motivator for that huge desire for action.  If the motives are wrong, passion can also be very dangerous. 

Passion is the fire that burns within. 

Sometimes it starts as a spark or a flame. Eventually it turns into a blazing fire that stirs the goals being sought and everyone else around.  It is a powerful compelling emotion. It makes things happen and motivates people to go further than they were afraid to go before. 

It compels people to try things that others are afraid to do. It creates the energy and drive required to achieve the impossible.

They say the Creator is passionate - about everything. 

So, if the God of the Universe is absolutely passionate about His creation and we are made in His image, then passion must be part of our very nature.  It is inherent in who we are, how we are made and how we run.

If you doubt this, study the behaviour of little children.  The next time you’re with your children or your grandchildren, watch them closely. 

Children are totally Passionate
Observe how these little people are so wonderfully passionate about everything.  They are so easily excited and they don’t hold back when expressing their enthusiasm.  They have this huge built-in curiosity that stimulates learning. They literally "suck in like a sponge" any bits of knowledge floating around.  They watch and think and learn and copy everything. They can hardly contain themselves long enough to tell you about their new discoveries. They are simply awesome. 

Are you a dad?

Can you remember the time when arriving home from an overseas trip you were literally "blown away" when confronted by your 3 year old son (or daughter) who totally overwhelmed you with his excited chatter about his exploits and what mum had done and what Snow the dog had eaten and what Danny across the road had been up to ………” – he was “stoked” with living and he was overjoyed with life. To him every day was amazing.

That’s passion.

Oh to be a child again.

Successful Entrepreneurs have Passion
Most entrepreneurs are passionate people; it's what keeps them going. Otherwise, why would anyone invest their time, effort,  money and heart into something which they had no real passion for?

Great entrepreneurs are passionate at heart and this is reflected in their work.  Very little is achieved in this world without passion. In business it is the passion and vision of the entrepreneur that takes the business to a level beyond the norm.

Every business starts off with an idea. 

The entrepreneur takes that idea and runs with it.  And if the entrepreneur is totally passionate about the idea, this quality alone will determine in a big way the level of his or her attainable success. 

Nothing is achieved without Passion
The Sydney Opera House would not be here today without the passion and vision of Jorn Utzon, the architect who designed it.  He ended up with the architectural prize in 2003 for his work.  His passion created the fire. The fire created the marvel. And the marvel is today a beautiful sight. Simply breathtaking.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was the largest suspension bridge in the world when it was completed in 1937. This was the brainchild of Joseph Strauss, who was the engineer responsible for over 400 other drawbridges. Strauss had the vision and the passion and spent over a decade drumming up support for his design in northern California. Other key figures, with passion, joined him; such as the architect Ervin Morrow and the engineer Charles Ellis. The complicated mathematics involved was brought together by the bridge designer Leon Moisseiff. This team had the passion to complete something unheard of in their day.

The late Gutzon Borglum had a vision.  He wanted to see the giant faces of the American presidents carved on the huge hills of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  These black hills were ancient - they were old even before the Himalayans and Europe’s Alps were formed.  Borglum decided to carve men, who were giants of American history, for a symbol for the nation. First was George Washington, then Thomas Jefferson, then Abraham Lincoln and finally Theodore Roosevelt.  He had the vision, but unless he also had the passion, the work would never have been completed.  It took him 14 years and everything was finally finished a year after Borglum died. 

Over three million people visit Mount Rushmore every year and officials state that the busiest time is during America’s Independence Day celebrations. 

It could be that your passion is the secret ingredient needed to revive your business enthusiasm and success.

Cultivate Passion in Your Business
Many factors create passion in an organisation.  Research has shown that there are 3 major approaches to cultivating an environment where people are passionate about what they do.

 These are:

  1. Using your talents and gifts. 
    People become passionate about what they do when they realise they have talents in the area they are working in.  There are few things more satifying than doing the work you are extremely good at doing.

  2. Working on things that matter. 
    People want to be involved in “stuff” that matters.  They want to be involved in projects that have meaning - things that are memorable and contribute to the betterment of something, whether family, sport or their business.  Good projects fire up everybody involved in it.  The trick is to carry it on.  Don’t settle for good when it can be great.  Don’t settle for mediocre when it can be excellent.

  3. Making life count. 
    One of the deepest needs of human nature is to know that our lives count for something.  People like to know that the gifts and talents they have been given can be used to make a difference.  A good business owner will help employees see the value they bring to their organisation.  At the end of the day, people become physically drained, but emotionally they are "alive" because their work allows them to pursue something they believe in. 

The Key is Passion. 
When you look beyond simple profitability and the financial return to shareholders, realise the value that your staff and business bring to the world.  Its what some call a heroic cause. Many people find that sort of vision worth fighting for.

There is a good business case for cultivating passion in any business.  It creates the competitive advantage that makes the difference when striving to achieve the goals of the business.

One of the most exciting benefits from cultivating passion in business is the contagious enthusiasm it generates. 

Passionate people can’t help but ignite others around them. It’s why passionate people are so attractive to be around. 

If you have lost the passion that you started of with when you first visualised your new idea and concept – get back to basics and get that enthusiasm back.

Recall your original vision. Find your spark. Get all excited again.

The missing ingredient could be passion – get it back.

Don't know how? - No worries.

Watch for coming articles about business success or email us if you need motivation. Check out lead articles that we will be putting up from time to time that take you through the steps to getting that passion back.

Remember this also - Never Quit.

If you don't quit you'll make it.

W.Williams, Director, SRG Group

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