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Free 30 page eBook “Secrets of the Richest People”
Detailing the secrets that you need to know if you plan to build your wealth by following those who have made their fortunes before you

This book details the secrets that you need to know if you plan to build your wealth by following those who have made their fortunes before you. Why follow a path of trial and error costing you thousands of dollars and countless headaches when you can follow the leaders? Why reinvent the wheel? Know the secrets that have been successful for others and copy them. It’s not that hard.


Free 40 page eBook
“How to make money with your idea or invention”

Everyone dreams of that one great idea or invention - the one that will make them a fortune. But the reality is only a fraction of brilliant opportunities make it into the commercial marketplace. There are steps to follow if your idea or product is to stand out and win. Many valuable inventions are lost simply because they were not financed or marketed or promoted properly. Do something about it.


Free 20 page eBook
“Starting and Managing a Home Based Business”

If you are seeking a better lifestyle mixed with earning a comfortable living then a home based business is something that you should seriously consider. Running a successful home based venture does not require a magic formula.  If you have a viable idea, loads of common sense, sound planning, a basic knowledge of finances plus basic business expertise - then you’re ready to go.  Find all the tips here.


FREE - 3 more eBooks  (total 47 pages)
  • The SRG eBook -
    “How to Get More Business Customers (and Clients)”
  • The lifeblood of every business is customers. You can never get enough of them. Once they’re gone you’re gone. So get them, look after them and keep them. Here are strategies you can follow for growing your customers and clients.

  • The SRG eBook -
    “5 Big Business Warnings You Must Not Ignore”

    Business is often fraught with things that threaten to derail your venture or cause you to lose money or value. Take note of these 5 critical warnings and be aware. Prevention is better than cure so learn and avoid these traps.

  • The SRG eBook
    “Business Success Checklist”

    Everyone is interested in success. You go into business to succeed not to fail. But it’s easy to make mistakes that can cause your business to “shake” and sometimes fold. Memorise all these tips for success as they have been put together from the experience of others who have gone on before you to succeed big time.


Free “Autoresponder Secrets” eBook
Autoresponder Secrets!
by Marty Fiegl

Unleash the true power of a completely automated sales and marketing system. An “Autoresponder” is essentially a sequential automated email system. It is basically your secretary that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – on no pay. But even though it does all that it is in actual fact much much more…


Free “Web Site Promotion Made Easy” eBook
Web Site Promotion Made Easy
By Dirk Dupont

This is all about web site and email promotion made easy. Tells you how tips, tools, tricks and techniques can turn your web site and ezine newsletter into a money making machine. Your most important goal is to transform the traffic that comes to your site into profit. However traffic alone will not do it. It means absolutely nothing without …what?? - Find answers here.  


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  • 25 page eBook “How to make money with your idea or invention”
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  • 40 page eBook “Starting and Managing a Home Based Business”
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  • 3 eBooks – Assorted Titles   (total 47 pages)
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  • “Autoresponder Secrets” eBook     
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  • “Web Site Promotion Made Easy” eBook
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