Work in my slippers all day? Wow, that’s cool

Work in my slippers? All day long? ...I'd like that...

Does working from home interest you?

Many people dream of a 20 second commute to work rather than a 1.5 hour commute.  This is possible if you are working from home because that’s the time it takes for you to walk from your bedroom to your home office.

Many people see home business as a great option. That extra time normally lost in commuting to work every day can give you another hour or two of sleep.  Home operation means a lot more work done without interruptions. Gone also are the politics that exist in an office, shop or factory situation. 

If you are seeking a better lifestyle mixed with earning a living then home business is something that you should seriously consider. 

Running a successful home based venture does not require magic formulas.  You need a viable idea, loads of common sense, sound planning, a basic knowledge of finances plus basic business expertise and you are ready to go.  You also need a little capital but not as much as required if setting up outside premises or offices.

Is a Home Business Right for You?

If you are looking for a business that has low start up costs, reduced overheads, minimal vehicle expenditure, coffee on tap and ability to give more attention to home and family then home business is got to be given serious consideration.  You will save on rent and operational costs such power, phone etc (these are shared with the home) and your commuting costs will be less than a 1/10 of that currently incurred.

And guess what? - You would never be late for work.

Your wardrobe would be reduced. Simply work in shorts that you use around the house. You could even work in your pyjamas (just be careful when a client arrives!).  Working at home offers many things - comfort, privacy, flexibility, enjoyment of life and more family time. 

There is nothing more enjoyable for a father working from home than for his young children to “charge in” like kids do after school is over and greet him with those 2 wonderful words -  ‘hi dad’. 

Nevertheless working from home is not for everyone.

There are many factors that need to be considered and weighed up. 

Some of these are:

  1. Regulations. 
    Make sure that you do not breach any local body regulations which may forbid you to operate from home.  Most consultancy or advisory businesses are fine. Manufacturing or similar types of businesses where equipment is used and there is a noise factor may be a problem.

  2. Allocate the proper work space. 
    If you are working from home make sure you have a room set aside where you operate from. Many people try and combine working from the lounge or part of their bedroom or family room but this is not recommended.  You need privacy and quietness plus having the family around when you’re trying to concentrate, or when you are talking to a client is a no-no. 

  3. Work with the family.
    Before you start working from home sit down and discuss all the implications with your spouse and your children.  You need the full support of every member of the family and you will need their cooperation when quietness is required or when you are tied up working on something important. 

  4. Establish proper hours.
    Set up firm hours for your operation.  Start work at 8.00 and finish at 5 with breaks in between.  Make it known that these are the hours when you are working and not to be disturbed. 

  5. Keep interruptions to a minimum. 
    Try not to take any personal telephone calls or meet family when they arrive during your working hours.  It won’t be easy at first, but once your friends and family appreciate that this is your work time and every hour means money to you then slowly the situation should correct itself. 

  6. Make sure that you have the right machinery and office equipment. 
    Most businesses today cannot operate without a computer.  Advancement in technology means that computers, internet, fax machines and scanners have all contributed to making life a lot easier when running a business. 

  7. Check other things such as insurance. 
    You will need to talk to your insurance company or agent because your policy will have to incorporate amendments to cover office equipment and any workshop plant etc that are used in the business. 

  8. Business records. 
    Make sure you keep adequate records.  Even though you are home based don’t mix your personal paperwork with your business paperwork.

  9. Keep Professional.
    Even though you are working from home still conduct yourself as if you were working for an employer in the city.  Maintain your professionalism at all times. It doesn't cost any extra to do it and anyway "excellence" should be part of who you are and the service you provide. 


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