Vital Things to Check Before Buying

Here are some vital things to check over before making that offer:

  • See if there is a shared driveway and find out about the people you will be sharing with.

  • If there is a swimming pool, make sure it is properly fenced according to regulations.

  • If the purchase price includes electrical appliances such as stove, dishwasher, etc, make sure they work properly and are in good order.

  • Make sure an experienced electrician checks out the wiring of the house.

  • Obtain a list of all the items included with the property. It's a good idea to have this list of chattels as part of the agreement so everyone understands what's been sold on the day.

  • Check that the boundary fences are properly located and that the boundary pegs can be seen.

  • If part of the deal includes the seller undertaking repairs or improvements to the property, make sure all this is done before settlement.

  • Check what happens to the telephone. Will it stay there and can the number be taken over, or will a new phone be installed? Also check if the phone is rented or owned by the vendor.

  • Your lawyer will check the rates and other charges to make sure they are paid up to date and if not they will be taken into account in the final settlement.

  • Make your arrangements for insurance so that on the day you sign over for settlement and receive the transfer of the property, insurance cover will commence.

  • Make sure your mortgage financing is in place and that settlement will go through without any hitches.

  • Make sure you get a full investigation of the property by an experienced builder or building inspector who will check the soil, the structure and foundations. He/she will also check the roofing and walls, and other important areas that are to always seen from the outside.

  • Check that the water pressure is okay and that all the drains work. Check all the taps and if gas is used, make sure there are no leaks around the pipes or the metre.

  • Check the gardens and be happy with how they are set out and that there will not be a great expense in redeveloping the garden if it's starting to look worn.

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