Where Do You Find Good Staff

Finding good employees is important to the efficient running of the business. Even if you have to pay more, the quality of your employees is more important than trying to get someone at a lower cost.

This is because a bad employee can cost the business a lot of money, loss of time and other resources. When looking for employees try and find the best candidate for the position and be prepared to pay a little more if necessary.

Some places to find good candidates include:

  1. Employment agencies. They usually have a long list of suitable candidates that can be short listed before being sent to you for assessment.

  2. Temporary agencies. These agencies deal with temporary requirements and can provide professional staff, as well as experienced technical people at short notice.

  3. Head hunt. You can approach an executive search firm and request that they head hunt for an executive of high calibre in your industry.

  4. Current employees. Don’t forget to consider promoting an internal candidate if there is one available with experience who you consider could fill the vacancy. This always looks good to other employees, because it gives them the confidence that management will often promote from within.

  5. On the Internet. You can find often find suitable employees by searching on the various online jobs Internet sites.

  6. Newspaper. Find an employee by advertising in the traditional manner through newspapers or business publications.

  7. Use your own web site. Post a vacancy on your own company web site. This has an advantage – the person who comes through your web site will already know what your company does and the quality of work or service that your business provides.

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