The 6 critical things you need for Success

Here are some of the qualities necessary for success.

  1. Character.
    Build a good character. Character is what you are when there is no one else around. Character is how you behave when no one can see what you are doing. Character is the real you. It is important to build your character.

  2. Commitment.
    Most successful people were committed. They set themselves goals and then set about working to achieve those goals. They were focused and they had a plan. Commitment means putting ‘that thing' at the top of your priority list until you have succeeded in it.

  3. Motivation.
    Most successful people are self motivated. They are motivated by the thrill of achieving so they find it easy to get out of bed in the morning. You need to build this motivation up so there is a driving force behind you that will enable you to overcome difficulties and challenges that come along.

  4. Stability.
    Develop emotional stability because this is a trait that successful people have to enable them to cope with pressures. Try not to be an up and down type of person, don't get carried away with every suggestion that is put to you but sit down calmly and quietly assess the proposal or situation before making a choice of the direction you will go. Build a good support team around you of family and associates because that will contribute to stability.

  5. Health.
    Successful people tend to take care of their health. Unfortunately too many people, especially those in business, sacrifice their health in order to get wealth. If you are not eating properly and exercising you will not be at your peak health wise. Illness can cause many problems including jeopardizing a business deal or curtailing your competing in an important event. There is no doubt that good health is great wealth.

  6. Never Quit.
    Successful people are those people who refuse to give up. They will never quit. They stay focused and work at achieving their goals, come what may. You need to have a never quit attitude in your life if you are to succeed. Many highly successful business men and women today have succeeded to where their businesses have become multi million dollar operations but this has come about after failing two, three or even four times along the way.

    Too many people give up at the first sign of trouble or if a minor problem raises it head so it is important to ‘build a bit of steel' into yourself so you can handle these situations when they arise. Learn to believe in your abilities and tell yourself continually that others have been able to do it so there is no reason why you cannot.

It was Winston Churchill who uttered those famous words - 'We will never surrender'.

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