What ACC Compensation can I Claim?

There are various types of compensation you may be able to receive from the ACC.

These are:

  • Weekly Compensation
    The ACC will pay you 80% of your lost weekly earnings, which starts from the second week onwards. The first week is paid by your employer.

  • Medical Treatment 
    The ACC will pay for some of the costs of your doctors, dentists and other specialists where required. In general,  you will receive treatment from the health professional who will charge you only part of the fee. They then claim the balance directly from the ACC.

  • Loss of Earnings if under 18
    The ACC will pay you compensation for loss of any future earnings due to injury if you are under 18. To qualify, you must be 18 years or older and no longer studying full time. You must have been incapacitated for at least 6 months, unable to work, and with less than 85% capacity.

  • Rehabilitation
    The ACC will help you get back into being independent and into the workforce. Generally a case manager will be assigned to you and he/she will work with you and develop a rehabilitation plan.

    This plan is aimed at getting you back into the workforce as soon as possible. It could include helping to redefine or develop your skills so your job options are increased. The plan will also aim at getting you independent so any changes, such as alterations to your home or securing a wheelchair can be looked at.

  • Lump Sum Compensation
    This generally applies to cases that result in permanent impairment. This lump sum compensation was reintroduced by the new Act - the Injury Prevention Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2001. If you suffer permanent impairment as the result of an injury that occurred after 1 April 2002, you will qualify for a one-off payment.

    This basically replaces the old independence allowance which was made up of regular payments for permanent disability. The impairment must be assessed by the ACC as being greater than 10%.

    If it is less than 10% then you will receive no lump sum. If it is 10% then you will receive $2,500 and for 80% impairment you will receive the maximum of $100,000.

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