Internet Faxing

Internet Faxing
Even with the advances in technology, faxes are still an important aspect of a business travelers communication means. Documents still need to be signed and until a secure and accepted way of signing electronic documents is standard, faxes provide the mechanism for signed documents.

Even for someone at home, purchasing a fax machine that will only be used occasionally is often an uneconomical choice. Internet faxing can offer a solution to the business traveler and home user by allowing faxes to be sent via the Internet through email, a web browser or software.

Sending from Desktop
To send a fax from your computer you will need to have installed compatible software that will allow you to fax formatted, graphical documents directly from applications such as Microsoft Word for Windows.

Web Based
If you don’t want to put additional software on your computer or are traveling and using someone else’s computer you can use a web based internet fax service provider. There are free providers if you search online or else you can pay a nominal fee. If you have an account then you will be assigned a fax number that you can use to receive faxes from other parties. Companies who provides such services is or

Email by Fax
If you wish to send an email to a fax machine then this is also possible. In New Zealand offers this service. It is useful if the recipient does not have an internet connection. You are given a email address which automatically converts an email to a fax document and is sent to the nominated number.