Think - Make the Decision

Carry Out a Final Check
Have a final checklist to go through. Tick off to make sure that you have not missed anything and that you had covered evrything required for setting up the business.

Work through them one by one. That wouild be the only way that you would be able to ensure that nothing was missed and that you had attended  to all the requirements now rather than later, while running your business.

"You are now nearly ready to start so think about the choice you must make - is it go or whoa?..."

Once you open the doors and start operations you may find that things becomes hectic, especially in the initial stages. The last thing that you'd then want to do is to attend to something that you had missed and that should have been picked up from the checklist.

Make your Decision
It's now time to make your decision to go to the next stages about Starting a Business from scratch. On the other hand after taking everything into consideration you may decide to delay your foray into business ownership until you have the cash or until you feel more confident about being a business entrepreneur.

Whatever your conclusion it's time to make that important decision.

Is it GO - or Whoa ?