Set Up your Business

Set Up your Business

We have set out here all the necessary steps to set up a small business. They are laid out in a suggested order of completion, but of course you do not have to do things in this order if you don’t wish to. Develop your own checklist specifically for your won business needs.

Set Up your Business

By this stage you should have completed all that is necessary for you to go to the next stage. You would have completed the areas that need to be completed and it is now time to go through a checklist. Check off what is yet to be done.

People for your Business

There are many people you’ll need to discuss your plans with before starting up or buying. These include an accountant, a lawyer, a finance broker or banker, a PR firm and an Insurance Broker. Also check employment issues and regulations.

Records in your Business

Good records are a must. If you don’t keep them and use them, you will never know where your business has been, where it is going and what has been achieved for any particular period. Records must be accurate and up-to-date.

Communications for your Business

Where would businesses be today without the miracles of technology and communication. How would a business run if we did not have mobile phones? computers, fax machines, email, scanners and digital cameras.

Security in your Business

Security is a huge issue that must concern very owner of a small or big business. We live in a world of competition and industrial espionage. Security also involves insurance and guarding against common theft and embezzlement.