Potential Problems with Money

Here are basic signs and symptoms of possible money difficulties you should watch
  1. I let other people look after my finances.

  2. When I spend money I feel really good.

  3. I never, ever balance my cheque book.

  4. I am also borrowing small amounts of money from people.

  5. I am scared to sit down and calculate my net worth.

  6. A lot of my take home pay goes immediately to paying debts.

  7. I use my credit card for small items that I used to pay cash for.

  8. I don’t know how much I owe, and I don’t know my obligations.

  9. I don’t’ like talking about money because it makes me feel unhappy.

  10. I seem to live from pay day to pay day on a week to week basis.

  11. I have real difficulty in saving anything at all.

  12. I find that my debts are growing instead of reducing.

  13. I have already consolidated all my loans to pay my bills.I am sure that I can always rely on someone in the family to rescue me if I run into money problems.

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