Checking Your Lawyer out

If you feel you are not being looked after by your lawyer, maybe the fault lies with you.  Quite simply, it may amount to the fact that you have not clarified your needs and asked the right questions.  Many clients do not ask their lawyers for answers to the many questions they have. One way to help your lawyer is to ask if you are not sure.
Some tips include:
  1. Make up a list of all the questions in the mind and get them answered when you meet.

  2. If you feel your lawyer is acting unethically or dishonestly, don’t be afraid to say so.

  3. Don’t judge your lawyer too quickly.  Give the person time to act for you and allow a little leeway.

  4. Make sure you get the attention of the lawyer when you meet, so there is no confusion on the information you will pass over.

  5. If you are not happy that your lawyer does not return your phone calls, tell him/her when you meet.

  6. Don’t be overawed by the plush offices.  At the end of the day, it’s your lawyer’s personal ability and expertise that will help you – not their flash furniture.

  7. If you have a small budget - let your lawyer know your budget is limited.

  8. Are you confident with the age of your lawyer?  Remember that an old, wise lawyer is usually very experienced and knows his/her way around the law.  On the other hand, a young lawyer has energy and drive which may be just what you need to win.

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