Small business is the lifeblood of any nation. Every country has an economy that is very much dependent on the success of the small business. Yet over 70% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. We need to reverse the trend.

Due Diligence - Is it Critical?

Due Diligence - Is It Critical?

Before you buy a business you will given a specified period of time to carry out a due diligence investigation of the business. Due diligence simply means checking out the business fully. As the buyer, you will be able to access all the financial records of the business. more..

StartRunGrow your Business

This web site was developed for one purpose– to give you help on how to START, RUN and GROW your own business. Inside this section you will find simple steps on how this can be done. We have created 3 versions to suit whatever level you may be at – Beginners, Medium and Advanced.

Article Vault

This is the storage area for all articles and writings we receive from many specialists in various subjects. All articles and writings that are on display and those in archive will be housed here in the Vault.

Personal Business

Personal matters have to be addressed if you are going into business because being in business affects the whole family. When the business fails the whole family suffers. When money is tight the family has to go without so involve everyone.

Home Business

Does operating a business from your home interest you? What are the gains and losses from such a move? Would it give you more time for family and other interest? It’s time to give home operation serious thought.

Regulations & Law in Business

When you set up a business you will need to comply with regulations covering business activities. One of the first things you will need to do is register for an IRD number, for GST and if employing, as an employer.

New to Business

If you are new to business then owning and running your own small operation should be an exciting and profitable experience for you. You can buy an existing business or start one up from scratch. Proceed only after the right advice.

Family Business

Any business is hard enough to manage at the best of times. A family business has it its own issues and problems and these need to be clarified before one gets involved in a family business whether that person is part of the family or not.

Her Business

There are many successful women in small business in New Zealand and around the world. If you’re thinking about going into business make sure you do your homework, carry out some research and talk to the right advisers first.

Buy or Sell your Business

Starting a business from scratch is not always the best option. Buying a business or selling a business is a question most business owners have to face sooner or later. It is generally safer to buy than start up your own. If selling use a broker.

Before Starting your Business

A question for any budding business owner is whether they should go into business at all. Having a business is totally different from working for someone else. You must be prepared to change, to learn and to put in a lot of hard work.

Set Up your Business

If you did not start your business from scratch, but opted to buy an existing business or franchise, most of the setting up requirements will have been completed and already in place. This will apply to most of the initial requirements.

Run your Business

You have reached the operational stage of your business where you are ready to open your doors to the world and unleash your products and services onto the market. You will find that there are a number of stages that you need to go through.

Grow your Business

One of the first steps you will take when preparing to grow your business is conducting a Growth Audit. This process allows you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses before adding the stress of growth activities.

Valuation of Business

When purchasing a business, obtain professional advice regarding the valuation. You need to be happy that you are not paying more than what the business is worth. There are a number of ways in which the business can be valued.

Succeed in Business

When you start to grow your business ask yourself some tough questions. You may think your business is going well. You may be happy because it is growing. But you may not be as successful as you think. Review and check things out.

Close Up your Business

Unfortunately, not every business will succeed. In fact, the majority of businesses will fail and will not be operating after a few years. The statistics are sad as they point to a failure rate of over 70% for new businesses within the first 5 years.

Your Questions

We all have questions on business or finance that continually plague us. This section provides you the opportunity to send in your questions for plain language answers.

Big Dictionary

The Big Dictionary makes clear terminology used in business today including those used on the internet.

Site Features

The Site Features area contains all topics relating to joining StartRunGrow and the Business Club.


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