Ways to relax in your Business

Nischala Devi, developed the relaxation techniques described below and conducts stress management seminars and workshops around the world. Serving as director of stress management for Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease, she also helps clients make their workplaces and homes more relaxing environments through her consulting service, Interior Well-Being, located in Fairfax, California. We quote her suggestions here.

  • A. Leg Stretch:
    While sitting slightly away from your desk, inhale and grasp hold of your right shin and bring leg up towards your chest. Bring head down towards your knee while exhaling. Relax, breathe normally and hold 10 seconds. Release leg and bring your head back to an upright position. Repeat with opposite leg.

  • B. Counterbalance to Sitting Position:
    Stand up and hold the back of your chair with both hands. While looking forward with both feet comfortably spread apart, shift your weight to the left foot and leg. Slowly stretch right leg back until your toe touches the floor, keeping the posture erect with knee straight. Hold steady, breathe normally and slowly bring right foot back into position. Return the balance to both legs, and then repeat with opposite leg.
    Repeat with both legs one to two times.

  • C. Neck Stretch:
    Sit erect with both hands relaxed on your legs.
    Inhale, bring the head forward slowly, exhale and relax. Feel the stretch behind the neck. Keep your shoulders relaxed and then inhale, move the head back into an upright position, exhale and relax.

    Inhale, move the right ear to the right shoulder while exhaling, and relax (note the exhale occurs during the movement).

    Feel the stretch on the left side of the neck. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, inhale, bring the head back into its upright position while exhaling and relax. Repeat this exercise on the opposite side.

  • D. Lower Back Stretch:
    Push the chair away from your desk. Bring arms up and over your head, stretching and elongating from the base of the spine. Look up, inhale and slowly reach forward following your fingers while exhaling, bending from the base of the spine. When you’ve gone as far as you comfortably can, let arms and head relax toward the floor. Breathe normally and hold this position for 15 seconds.

    Inhale, and slowly stretch out arms using the lower back while exhaling. Return to a seated position with arms over your head. Stretch up one last time toward the ceiling, and then return your hands to your lap.

  • E. Wrist Stretch:
    While sitting, bring arms up directly in front of you, parallel with the floor. Inhale, move fingers and wrists back toward the head while exhaling, inhale, then move fingers and wrists under and exhale. Repeat three to four times.

    With arms still outstretched, begin to slowly rotate hands in a clockwise direction. Repeat in a counter-clockwise direction. Repeat in each direction three to four times.

  • F. Foot Circulation:
    While sitting at your desk, raise your feet up off the ground and rest them up on a stool or other available low object (such as a trash can on its side).
    Point and flex toes back and forth slowly. Repeat four to five times.
    Next, rotate toes slowly first in a clockwise manner, then repeat in a counter-clockwise manner.

  • G. Shoulder Stretch:
    Sit with both arms dropped to either side in a relaxed position. Inhale, squeeze shoulders to your ears while exhaling, and then relax shoulders back into position. Inhale, bring shoulders together in front of your body while exhaling, and relax shoulders back into position. Inhale, bring shoulders together behind you while exhaling, and relax shoulders back into position. Repeat one time.

    Next, inhale, bring shoulders up toward your ears, exhale, move shoulders together in front, inhale, move shoulders down, exhale, move shoulders together behind your body. Keep movements slow and in a circular motion. Relax, then reverse direction.
    Repeat four to five times in each direction.

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