Failed Before - So What?

So you’ve failed before – so what? Failure has nothing to do with being a bad person or of not being able to do a job well.

It’s a matter of taking back charge and moving on from there.

Failure brings you back to reality sometimes. You are still the same person, except that failure will help you to re-build again – but this time with the benefit of experience.

Keep in mind that you have God-given gifts and potential and they will always been part of you whatever happens.

Failure is only temporary anyway. Tomorrow’s another day.

If you have failed in business, learn from it. Set out strategies so you won’t fail next time round.

A successful businessperson is not someone who has never failed or who has never gone into liquidation or bankruptcy.

It is someone who refuses to stay down.

Fail, learn, get up, carry on.

Eventually you’ll win. Eventually you’ll make it if you never quit.

Remember - "There are no failures, only those who didn’t know that they could succeed"


W.Williams, Director, SRG Group

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