Debt has the Power to Wreck Marriages

It is common knowledge that financial problems are the single main cause of fights and arguments within families.

It is responsible for break-ups, fights and tensions, with one party accusing the other of bad management or the accruing of debt.

Marriage agencies will verify that there is little doubt money problems can be a source of erosion of marriages and relationships. To make matters worse, spouses gravitate to extremes in their arguments.

Olivia Mellan, the author of “Overcoming Overspending” and “Money Harmony” had this to say,

“Whoever is the effective spender is going to be angry, unsupportive, hostile and maybe threaten divorce.”

She was referring to the household’s responsible money user. It creates marital discord. “The tension comes out in various ways”, she adds. “It can be anything from underlying chronic tension to withholding sex, to screaming fights, to ultimatums.”

The way to try and deal with these situations is for the couple and other family members to sit down and calmly discuss their money issues. Once everyone knows the situation they can set out a plan to deal with it.

This means the first step is to admit there is a problem and that one or the other causes the problem by their chronic overspending.

They say that overspenders should not shop alone. They should stay out of the shops where they tend to overspend.

The family needs to take back control. They need to control their spending and realise they do have choices and they don’t have to be slaves to debt. The family should sit down and talk about the problem, and then commit themselves, deal with the problem and overcome it.

Being debt free will bring a whole new, refreshing breeze into any family.

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