How to Create Property Wealth

Many people dream of investing in real estate. For many it will just be a dream because the margin between the rich and the poor increases every year.

Those who are not in a high-income occupation find it almost impossible to put together a deposit that will enable them to own their own property.

Many people still are not aware of the opportunity of increasing their wealth through property investment.

They say that over 90% of the world’s millionaires made their money through property investment. The strange thing is medium income earners, rather than high-income earners, own most property. This was found by the Australians through their Bureau of Statistics information, which showed that it wasn’t the high income earners who owned most of the property, and half of property investors earned less than $30,000 a year.

Anyone can become a property investor. All it takes is the desire to improve your situation and a commitment to grow your wealth. After that, it’s a simple matter of sound planning and some hard work.

Remember, you can grow your wealth no matter what your income. The amount of income you actually earn has little to do with how wealthy you can become. It’s what you do with the income you receive and the decisions you make, that determine your wealth growth.

They say that on average, residential properties have doubled in value every 7 years. That’s not someone’s opinion, but a historical fact. It is common knowledge that real estate has advantages over all other forms of investment because it is more secure. It is not subject to the extreme fluctuations that happens to shares or other commodities and it’s performance in terms of growth is unmatched.

One of the essential ways to build wealth through property is to first understand the principles involved.

These include;

  • How to borrow,
  • How to buy and
  • How to use income producing asset for your future independence

When you are looking at building wealth through property, you will need a strategy. The strategy will depend on your circumstances, your age and how serious you are in wanting to get to your objective.

The strategy used by most successful property investors can be summarised in 3 steps.

  1. Portfolio -The first step is the preparation of a property portfolio.

  2. Buy - The second step is the buying and accumulating of these properties.

  3. Organise - The third step is organising and managing your retirement to enjoy the fruits of your investment success.

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