Checklist to How to Handle Telephones Calls

Some strategies include:

  • Smile: They say that a smile is heard over the telephone because the voice is lighter and it presents a great attitude to the customer.

  • Identify yourself: Make sure the company name is clearly pronounced to the caller.

  • Be professional: Act professionally when you answer so the customer will have confidence.

  • Answer before the third ring: People like to have their calls answered quickly.

  • Reduce any noise: Make sure the background noise or music is very low, otherwise the customer will be drowned out.

  • Transfer calls if necessary: People don’t like being transferred to someone else if you are unable to answer the question they have. Make sure the transfer is perceived as being to someone who is “higher up the ladder” or more important because it will make the caller feel better.

  • Keep listening: Remember the customer is calling and the matter is important to them, so listen.

  • End the call positively: Make sure that you end the call on a positive note by wishing them a good day or by stating that you were pleased they called.

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