Checklist on Why Businesses Seek Advisers

  • To get specialist advice before a problem arises.

  • To get specialist advice after a problem arises.

  • To help get something done in an area where the skills are not available within the business.

  • To carry out work that no one in the business (including the owner) has time to do.

  • To provide necessary training to staff.

  • To be a sounding board on issues where decisions have to be made regarding directions of the business.

  • To assist in opening doors for funding.

  • To mediate between business partners, and prevent matters going to court.

  • To seek an independent opinion where the owners of the business require an outside point of view.

  • To assist in the marketing and selling areas.

  • To be a sounding board for new ideas and products being developed.

  • To assist in finding export markets.

  • To assist in the development of business plans and future strategies.

  • To produce timely financial statements and other reports, so the business owners can monitor how the operation is going.

  • To help put in systems and plans that ensure the business does not run out of cash and capital.

  • To help with the development of staff and the improvement of their effectiveness in the business.

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