Checklist on What Customers Love

Here are some things customers find important:

  • Return telephone calls promptly.

  • Attend to their concerns quickly.

  • Always ask clients what you can do to help them.

  • Now and then send out appreciation notes to your better clients.

  • Send hand written notes for different occasions.

  • If appropriate, send birthday cards.

  • If you have a web site, create an area specifically for your customers.

  • Make sure your shop or offices are always well set out for the comfort of customers and clients.

  • Thank your customers for their business and ask them to come back again.

  • Set up a fax on demand or email system to respond quickly to any enquiries from customers.

  • Put a good message on your answer machine or voicemail system for those after-hours calls.

  • If you see something of interest in the newspaper or journal or magazine that may be important to a particular customer, send it to them with a small FYI note.

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