Checklist on Maximising Advertising

  • Always be professional. Any venture that is not professional in presentation should not be in business.

  • Be customer orientated. You need to focus entirely on the wants of your customers and promote all the advantages of your products or services to your customers.

  • Make sure your customers can respond without fuss. There is nothing more that puts off customers than not being able to respond to an offer from advertising.

  • Look at the various methods of promoting your company. These are advertising, using printed brochures or carrying out a press release.

  • Always follow up all leads. It is not a good idea to ignore leads that come through your advertising.

  • Make sure you carry out full research. Your market research is important because it will answer many questions

  • Have an advertising plan. Your plan needs to answer many questions

  • Make sure you have a budget. Once you are clear sit down and work out your budget.

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