Checklist on How to Create Amazing Advertising

  1. Be clear on your message.
    Be really clear on the message that you wish to communicate to your audience. Put down your goals in writing so that when you are developing your ad, those goals will be met.

  2. Get to know your audience.
    You need to know who your target audience is likely to be. They are the people that will buy so you need to be clear who you are addressing..

  3. Make sure you meet their needs.
    Remember that your customers do not really care about your company or your products or how clever or qualified you are. They only care about the benefit that they will receive from what you have to offer them.

  4. Work on the emotions.
    Most people respond emotionally to an ad. Your advertising copy should dramatise that feeling so customers are caught up in the benefits to them emotionally rather than logical information about your product.

  5. Do not distract them.
    Make sure that your sales pitch is such that they are not distracted with other choices. If you want your potential customers to buy quickly, make sure they are not presented with other choices which will slow their selection down.

  6. Keep it simple.
    Always keep your copy simple and easy to understand. If your potential customers cannot read what it is all about, they will lose interest and they will not buy.

  7. Go for the best offer.
    Make sure that your offer is such that it is difficult for them to refuse. People respond to your advertising copy based on what deal that you have to offer them. The stronger, or more attractive your offer – the greater and faster the response you will receive.

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