Checklist on How to Create a Newsletter

Here are some ideas for creating a great newsletter that appeals to your customers:

  1. Reduce the hard sell.
    Make sure the sell is only a small part of the newsletter. If they feel that the newsletter is simply another way of presenting your products or services then many people will turn off.

  2. Do not skip on quality.
    Make sure the newsletter contains good material and that it is produced on quality stock if it is to be posted out. It is far better to have a short newsletter printed on good quality paper than ten pages produced on cheap material.

  3. Entertain.
    Your articles must be entertaining. Unless they are able to enjoy what they are reading, the newsletter will soon lose its value.

  4. Use it as a press release.
    Some newsletter can be so newsy that many TV, Newspaper and Radio companies are happy to be on the mailing list. They are always on the lookout for interesting stories that will interest their own readers and viewers.

  5. Teach your customers.
    They have found that ‘How To’ articles sell better than any other type so make sure that the articles in your newsletter fit that particular mould. If you are in the restaurant business then mix in a favourite recipe or two. If you are an accountant or business consultant then throw in a tax tip that your readers can use.

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