Checklist on failure in ECommerce

Do not look at the Internet or the World Wide Web and see a cash cow. This is a sure way to fail. Using the Internet as a way to increase your business presence and increase profits and integrating it into your existing business procedures is a better view. It is also a long term view – your presence on the Web is a long term commitment and investment. But it’s not easy, and there are many common mistakes that are made by online businesses that deem that they will eventually fail.

Listed below are many of them:

  • Lack of business basics. A website is just like any other aspect of business. Careful planning and thought needs to go into every aspect of having a website to ensure its success.

  • Lack of funds. A website can be a costly business expense. Make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed all the options (making your own site vs. having someone else make it) that are involved with creating and maintaining a website.

  • Lack of customer service. A website can be the first point of call for many of your customers. Make sure that emails and queries are responded to promptly. Your online presence must be better than what is offered in the real world. This will ensure that customers go back time and time again.

  • Build your own website without researching expert advice in terms of design, colour schemes, navigation etc. There are some ugly sites on the Internet. With designing a website there are common design conventions that should be followed while still allowing for a great deal of creativity. Make sure that you research basic design principles before embarking on your own.

  • Have the latest technology, large scale animations, movies, music clips or graphics. This will not impress people who are trying to download your site – they will go somewhere else. The majority of people still access the Internet via a dial up connection which will ensure that a fancy website can take a very long time to view. This is a sure fire way to get rid of  website visitors.

  • Use your customer’s information and on-sell it to a marketing company to make a profit. This will definitely lose you your customers. People are very concerned with their personal privacy and will not be happy at all if their information is sold to the highest bidder. A definite website no-no.

  • Don’t offer convenience. The extra expense involved in setting up a merchant account or delivering overseas is too much and your customers will go out of their way to order off you and fax you their details. Wrong! prompt customer service. Another business offering the same products is just a click away.

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