Checklist on Buying Newspaper Space Advertising

  • Position is important so specify what section you want your ad to appear in if it is to be targeted to a certain section.

  • Request an outside position if you have an ad that has coupons. This makes it easier for the reader to cut out and send.

  • Make sure you know when the circulation is up and when it is down. For example, Saturday is high, Wednesday is high and other days are lower.

  • Make sure you know what you have in mind because you need to have a definite plan in place to maximise your advertising dollar.

  • Try and go by the rule that small is better. That is, do not clog up your ad with a lot of information which the reader can tire of. Get to the essence of your product and its benefits to your reader so that interest is generated and hopefully, a sale will result.

  • Make sure you have the contact details shown because there is nothing worse than a reader wanting to contact you and there is insufficient information for them to do so.

  • Always remember that neat, orderly ads encourage readership. Do not crowd everything in and if necessary, ask for help from the newspaper sales rep on how your ad should be laid out.

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