Checklist of Whether you may be a Workaholic

Some signs could be:

  • If you’re drinking your coffee in the same dirty cup for the last three days.

  • If you haven’t gone home early in the last nine months.

  • If twenty minutes is far too long for a lunch break.

  • If hobbies are something you will get into when you get the time.

  • If you promised your family; “this is the only Sunday I’ll every work again” more than three times in the last year.

  • If it has been a while you felt guilty about missing another family dinner.

  • If you carry pictures of your family in your wallet just to remind you what they look like.

  • If your idea of an intimate anniversary celebration is to take your spouse to the formal business conference dinner.

  • If the last stupid thing you ever did was over ten years ago.

  • If you bring a blanket to your son’s football game.

  • If it has been a while since you felt guilty about missing putting the children to bed.

  • If it bothers you that you are always at work before anyone else.

  • If you told yourself you can cut back your hours any time you want to, more than five times in the last six months.

  • If you don’t drink any beverage during the day because you don’t want to lose time going to the bathroom.

  • If you can't name your daughter’s favourite rock bank.

  • If a clown is not so funny, an owl is not so wise and you think that Peter Pan cannot really fly.

If any of these things apply to you - you just might be a workaholic.

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